Deborah Conlon

55 year old Deborah Conlon is one of the most unique people you will ever meet and is well known for the work that she has been doing.

Deborah is the CEO of Iselwa Impacting Lives, the founder of Deborah Conlon Ministries. She is a Personal, Educational and Life Innovator Coach and Motivational Speaker and was honoured with the “Enspired Women’s Top Achiever Business ” award in 2019. She is currently residing in a quaint farm cottage in Bushy- vales on the South Coast of KZN

“I am a personal, educational and business life innovator coach, motivational speaker and team building facilitator and passionate about seeing others begin to believe in themselves and find hope in having a future. My work is about inspiring and unlocking potential that people, in various sectors and organizations, possibly don’t realize or see they have or the gifts and talents that can potentially be a work opportunity and income.”

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