Making your presence known with Social Media.

Social media is the most powerful method of promoting yourself, your business, product or service. Doing it the right way is essential to your success.

The course will include the following.



Learning to do social media the correct way is vital to any and all businesses.

Why social media is important and tools that will assist you in social media

Using social media to grow a presence

Why we use social media to market

Understanding the basic wording / abbreviations used in social media

Learning about hashtags

Different tools you can use to look up hashtags

Setting up your personal profiles to attract people

Evaluating your profile

Fixing problems on your profile

Make a A+ grade profile that draws people to your profile

Getting people to become your Facebook Friends - do's and dont's

Security of your profile - What to do to ensure you are safe

Setting up a Facebook Page

Understanding the different pages you can create and why we use a specific page for a specific business or brand

Setting up a business page, fan page or blog

Ensure your profile is full and completed with quality info

Getting people to follow you

When to share and when not to share

Setting up Instagram

Creating a professional profile on Instagram

Linking your profile to your Facebook Page

Creating quality content on Instagram

Learn when and how to post on Instagram

Posting from Instagram to Facebook

Finding followers and the rules to it

Setting up a Linkedin Profile and Page

Understanding Linkedin

Creating or editing your personal profile to become visible to public

Creating or editing your business page

Join the right groups for your needs

Following and Invitation Rules on Instagram

Inviting people to your page

Creating quality content for your social media

Why is it important to create content that falls within a range of rules

What body, content, links and hashtags to use

Image sizes and designs

Video Links and videos

Free tools to use in creating images and advertisements

Knowing the sizes of

Creating the perfect social media presence with a perfect plan of action

What is a social media calendar

How to create your first social media calendar

Do's and dont's

When to evaluate your plan

Why do we modify or change our plans

Giving your team responsibilities in your plan

Costs and booking information

The course is hosted on our secret Facebook group for Paid Members Only.

There is 10 Units that needs to be completed in order to complete the training.

Full course is R399 per person or Groups / Networks can contact us for a special deal on the training.

For more information and booking contact us on or +27760584796

Thank you for the webinar on Social Media Marketing - it was very informative! Now I feel equipped to take my business to the next level! πŸ™‚πŸ€©

Lola Oosthuyzen


I did a course on social media marketing with Trade and Entrepreneur Magazine... WOW!!! follow the training, implement the changes and watch your social media take off to new heights. Thank you Dawid for your insight and wisdom.

Maggie Naidoo

NLP Mind Mastery