Coronavirus – Let the positive shine through us all

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While busy today I noticed that there was some amazing businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders out there in the middle of this world epidemic coronavirus. We decided to share some of that amazing stories with you.

“I’m really glad that I’m still able to provide my services to clients, without putting them or I in danger. I’m just making small adjustments and increasing my hygiene practices etc. For instance, instead of doing at-home photo shoots during this time, I’m taking my clients to quiet outdoor locations. That way we don’t have to break social distancing guidelines, and we don’t have to come in contact with frequently touched surfaces. Despite the mayhem and anxiety around us, we can stop for an hour or so, get some fresh air and sunshine, and focus on family and treasuring our loved ones. Also, I’m aware that the guidelines regarding large gatherings have affected the wedding plans of many. So I’m offering couples low cost Wedding Photography packages exclusively for Intimate weddings and elopements. This means that if they’ve lost money because of having lost their venu booking etc, they won’t have to break the bank on photography. I’m also offering any clients who feel that they want to postpone their shoot free date changes. After all, we’re all in this together, and I don’t want something like a photo shoot booking to be an added stress on my clients who have already had to perhaps postpone their holiday etc.”

– Natalie Oosthuyzen Natalie Anne Photography

“As the Operations Manager of our company we took the excutive descision to keep on helping our clients to achieve their financial goals. We have all the compassion in the world for our staff who is now working from home and our clients who are at home. We are focused on helping our clients and the economy to grow in this absolute difficult time.”

– Gideon Stols, Operations Manager at FDG /

“We found that people are getting scared of what is happening with the virus right now so we decided to offer a positive change to our business and from today we will be delivering our food to our customers home for their safety and to ensure they are well looked after. We need to take care of our community just like they take care of us in the good and healthy times. I challenge all businesses to do exactly the same.”

– Shaun Mudaly from The Curry Muncher +27788463922

Local butchery Dill’s Deli and Butchery based in Umtentweni on the South Coast of Kwazulu-Natal shared their plan on how they are assisting people in the community.

“We will gladly do deliveries directly to your home. We want to assist our clients to make sure they have the needed meats, cold meats, biltong and drywors. We know that there are many elderly people in our community as well as people with different illnesses that need our help now.”

said Dillen Steyn the owner of Dill’s Deli and Butchery

It is so fantastic to see how businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders are standing up to make sure that their local communities, clients and families are taken care of. May every person who read this article find it in themselves to stand up and make a difference. It starts with us. Right here, right now.

Article by Dawid Dorfling