21st Century Surveys Post-COVID-19 Readiness Are we equipped for the coming change?

21st Century’s weekly surveys continue to provide valuable insight into how South African businesses are reacting to the current COVID-19 situation and related issues. The fourth survey in the series examined the topic of Managing the Change among businesses, who will be forced to rework policies and practices following the crisis.

The aim of the Managing the Change survey was to determine organisations’ overall state of readiness and capacity to deal with the extraordinary change that has fallen upon all of us. Results suggest that the change imposed on companies by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected various organisations in very different ways. But there were shared experiences that came to light.

Organisations have reacted quite quickly to the pandemic and lockdown with 20% operating completely remotely whilst 20% have had to shut down operations. 65% of organisations have revised their company budgets and more than 40% have adjusted their company strategies to cater for the pandemic and shutdown levels.

The common thread was that most participants clearly acknowledged the need to change key policies, practises and processes beyond COVID-19; though, some organisations have not fully realised the impact the pandemic is likely to have on their companies. These respondents hoped for minimal change that wouldn’t impact their day-to-day workings too drastically. Given this, HR will need to be on board as a strategic partner to the organisation, to facilitate and support this change, as the results show that majority of organisations do not have trained change agents.

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No matter what your business may be, 21st Century encourages everyone to participate in our online surveys, as it is only through new knowledge and shared experience that South African businesses will be able to emerge from COVID-19 lockdown with better policies and processes in place. When you participate in a 21st Century survey, your company’s data is kept strictly confidential.

Only through sharing insight and information can we rebuild organisations and maintain a sustainable trajectory that will keep employees safe, companies productive and the economy growing. Through new ideas, 21st Century believes that economic recovery is on the horizon. Together, we can create bold new ways of working that are built with people in mind, empowering South Africa, challenge after challenge.

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